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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

849 International Drive, 4th Floor, Linthicum, MD, 21090, US

Secure Medical Cannabis Transport Vehicle Registration

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Register Vehicle(s)

A secure medical cannabis transport vehicle must be owned or leased by a licensee or secure transport company for the purpose of transporting medical cannabis and products containing medical cannabis. COMAR 10.62.18

Please upload proof of vehicle registration for each of the vehicles you are registering.

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Please upload proof of auto insurance for each of the vehicles you are registering.

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Vehicle Compliance Assessment

Secure transport vehicles MUST conceal medical cannabis or products containing medical cannabis from view or identification from outside of the vehicle AND be equipped with either: COMAR 10.62.18

  • A secure area within the body or compartment of the vehicle containing solid or locking metal partitions, cages, or high strength shatterprood acrylic.


  • Locked and secure storage container(s) anchored to the inside of the vehicle.

Please demonstrate, with photographic evidence, that each vehicle you are registering meets all of the criteria above.

*After the Commission completes the initial vehicle compliance assessment, they may request additional photographs OR require an onsite inspection of each secure transport vehicle. Onsite inspections will take place at MMCC headquarters.

Please upload four (4) photographs; one of each of the vehicle's front, rear, driver side, and passenger side.

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Please upload one (1) photograph of each vehicle you are registering; the license plate number must be clearly displayed.

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Please upload at least one (1) photograph of the: Secure areas or compartments in each of the vehicle(s) you are registering that contain solid or locking metal partitions, cages, or high strength shatterproof acrylic; AND/OR the locked and secure storage containers that are anchored in each of the vehicle(s).

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