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Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA)

849 International Drive, 4th Floor, Linthicum, MD, 21090, US

Independent Testing Laboratory Registration Renewal

Please make $5,000 renewal fee payable to the following address:
The Maryland Cannabis Administration
Attention-Ugo Osoh
849 International Drive, Suite 450
Linthicum, Maryland 21090

Please Provide Your Business Name(s)

Is the lab 17025 ISO/IEC accredited?

Please upload a copy of the certificate of accreditation, the scope of accreditation, and all supporting documentation.

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Business Contact Information

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Authorized Point-Of-Contact(s)

Primary Point-of-Contact

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Incorporation/Formation Information

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Ownership Structure

Has the business, a parent company, or any other intermediary business entity ever applied for a cannabis license or registration in any state or country? (regardless of whether or not the license or registration was ever issued)

Was the business, a parent company, or any other intermediary business entity who owned a cannabis license or registration, ever subject to any of the following actions?

Appendix A: Independent Testing Laboratory

Please provide a completed copy of Appendix A: Independent Testing Laboratory (Available for download on our website.) as well as a curriculum vitae (CV) for each employees listed in this application.

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Acknowledgment and Disclosure

Check "Yes" and use the blank box to acknowledge that the lab is independent from all growers, processors, and dispensaries registered with the State of Maryland.

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