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This form should be used to file a complaint with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission about a person, entity or product subject to regulation by the Commission. The complaint can include multiple individuals or entities, as long as they are all related to the same issue. However, please file separate complaint forms for each unrelated issue.

If you have a complaint related to a serious adverse event potentially caused by the use of medical cannabis, please complete submit the Serious Adverse Event Reporting Form, linked here.

If you wish to inquire about the status of your patient registration, please email

Who is making the complaint (complainant)?

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Who or what is the complaint about?

Where did the incident occur?

Product Information

Does the complainant still have this item, its packaging, and/or the receipt of purchase? If so, please retain the item, packaging, or receipt of purchase for investigation purposes.

Name of Qualified Patient

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Name of Certifying Provider

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